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Safe Health Educators offers a variety of educational programs designed to meet the training needs of healthcare professionals, fire & emergency services personnel, construction workers and private citizens.

Our programs are specifically geared towards adult learners. Our comfortable learning environment will make your educational experience with us successful and memorable.


  • New York State authorizes automobile insurance companies to offer a 10% reduction in liability premiums and a reduction of up to four (4) points off your driving record.

    Upon completion of our defensive driving course Safe Health Educators will file your certificate with the New York State DMV for you.

    Safe Health Educators offers both online and live classroom based defensive driving courses. Please click here to register for the online course and click here to register for the live classroom course.
    • We offer a variety of American Heart Association CPR & AED courses. Please click here to see our full course catalog of CPR / AED Courses.
    • This course is directed to healthcare professionals who respond to patients in cardiac arrest. The course covers advanced skills in airway management, use of manual and automated defibrillators, management of cardiac arrest and management of post-cardiac arrest patients. Students should be able to read basic EKG's (Lead II), and have a current Basic Life Support CPR card. There is a written and skills evaluation with this course. The course length varies according to the student population. Generally 16 hours is scheduled. However, additional time can be added to insure that students are successful. Students receive the ACLS textbook and handouts prior to the beginning of the course. There is a pre-test sent to students to assist them in studying for this course. Course completion cards are valid for two years.
  • The ACLS case scenarios are reviewed and practiced. Students are required to demonstrate their proficiency in the 10 core scenarios. There is a written and skills evaluation. Everyone is required to purchase the book. The course length varies according to the proficiency of the student. Generally 8 hours are scheduled. Students have the option of refreshing by attending an original course or they can attend a one day refresher course. Students must show their current or expired ACLS provider card and a current BLS provider card.
    • This is an advanced life support course designed to instruct healthcare providers how to recognize and intervene in pediatric emergencies. The course is scheduled for approximately 16 hours. Students receive instruction in respiratory, shock and cardiac emergencies including airway management, pharmacology, IV and IO, cardiac dysrhythmias, spinal immobilization and special needs children. All students receive the current PALS textbook and a pre-test is provided to assist the student in preparing for the course.
  • AHA Pedicatric Advanced Life Support Refresher (PALS)

    This refresher component covers all of the new changes in the PALS course as well as a review of pediatric skills in respiratory & shock management, IO's and cardiac rhythm disturbances. Students are encouraged to attend a full PALS original course but can refresh in a shorter time. The textbook is required.
  • OSHA 10 Hour & 30 Hour Courses

    OSHA 10 and 30-Hour Outreach for Construction Courses. The 10-Hour course is mandatory for individuals who will work on a Major Building Project in NYC. All workers must complete this course every 5 years. This course is also a requirement for any Registered Construction Superintendent in NYC.

    The 30-Hour course is required for some individuals who are seeking the Site Safety Manager or Coordinator's Certification, or who are interested in being designated a "Competent Person."

    Both courses teach students the OSHA standards according to the 29 Code Federal Rules 1926, and to recognize hazards in their workplace.
    • National Incident Management System (NIMS)

      Safe Health Educators offers a combined ICS 127 course which is composed of the course material from FEMA's ICS – 100.b (Introduction to Incident Command System), ICS – 200.b (ICS for Single Resource and Initial Action Incidents) & ICS – 700.a (NIMS and Introduction). Upon successful completion, students will be issued certificates for each course from FEMA.

    • HazMat Awareness – This is a four (4) hour stand-alone program that addresses the basics of recognizing a hazardous materials incident and performing an initial response. This course is compliant with OSHA regulation 29 CFR 1910.120.

      HazMat Operations – This is a sixteen (16) program that provides training in the defensive management of internal hazardous material incidents and the decontamination of victims. This class includes the four (4) hour Awareness course and is also compliant with OSHA regulation 29 CFR 1910.120.

Trauma Nursing Core Course (TNCC)

  • Purpose
    Trauma nursing as a discipline refers to the process and content of all the different roles nurses have in the care of the trauma patient. Knowledge is the core of any discipline. The purpose of TNCC is to present core-level knowledge, refine skills, and build a firm foundation in trauma nursing.

    Trauma Nursing Core Course (TNCC)
    ENA developed and implemented the TNCC for national and international dissemination as a means of identifying a standardized body of trauma nursing knowledge. The TNCC (Provider) is a 16 or 20-hour course designed to provide the learner with cognitive knowledge and psychomotor skills. Nurses with limited emergency nursing clinical experience, who work in a hospital with limited access to trauma patients, or who need greater time at the psychomotor skill stations are encouraged to attend courses scheduled for the 20-hour format. The TNCC (Instructor) course is an 8-hour course designed to prepare nurses to become TNCC (Provider) Instructors. The nurse must have successfully completed the provider course prior to attending the Instructor course. The Instructor course emphasizes appropriate teaching strategies as well as correct evaluation methods.

    Provider Course Participants
    The TNCC may be officially attended by registered nurses (RN's). Other health care providers may attend the course as observers. In order to maximize success in the TNCC (Provider), it is recommended that the participant have at least six months of clinical nursing experience in an emergency care setting. It is assumed that the course participant possesses generic nursing knowledge, has an understanding of emergency care terminology, and has familiarity with standard emergency equipment.
    • Provider Course: 16 hour course for emergency medical responders, EMTs, Paramedics, nurses, physician assistants and physicians. This course is offered at Basic, Advanced or Combined levels, and Military Provider courses are also available. The provider course may be offered in one of two formats: the traditional onsite face-to-face format with lectures and skill stations; or a hybrid format, where a portion of the course is taken online in an interactive, web-based format, followed by a one day face-to-face for skill station instructions and evaluations.

      Refresher Course: 8 hour course for individuals who have successfully completed the respective PHTLS provider course within the past four years. This course is offered at Basic, Advanced or Combined levels, and Military refresher courses are also available. Current PHTLS provider certificate or wallet card required.

      Trauma First Response: 8 hour course for emergency medical responders, police officers, firefighters, rescue personnel and safety officers to prepare for rendering care to trauma patients until EMS personnel arrive.

    Online Courses:

    BLS: Basic Life Support
    Heartcode BLS $50

    Heartcode ACLS: $200
    Learn Rapid Stemi: $50
    Learn Adult Rhythm: $50

    Rhythm Pediatrics: $50
    Heartcode PALS: $200

    Stroke training:
    Acute Stroke Online: $35
    Stroke Prehospital Care: $30

    Workplace training:
    HeartSaver First Aid: $60
    HeartSaver CPR / AED: $50
    HeartSaver First Aid CPR / AED: $80
    HeartSaver Bloodborne Pathogens: $25
    HeartSaver Pediatric First Aid CPR / AED: $65

    Training & Education
    ACLS Instructor Essentials: $375
    BLS Instructor Essentials: $375
    PALS Instructor Essentials: $375
    PEARS Instructor Essentials: $375
    HeartSaver Instructor Essentials: $375

    Other Services

    • Consultative Services
    • Notary Public Exam Preparation
    • CEVO
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